You asked for it, our tech team made it happen. Content Runner is launching a new tool designed to add an increased functionality when posting orders. We have created a new “attachments” option available when uploading a new order. This can include word documents, spreadsheets, a custom-designed style guide, images, or any other external information the Writer may need in order to produce the best possible content.

Next time you place an order with Content Runner, check out the attachment function to see if it can help you convey your content needs to the Writer. To do this, from your homepage or dashboard, select “post your order” It’s the big, blue button on your screen. Now you can select the type of content (article, press release, social media post, etc.), the style guide (choose a template or create your own), add any notes you may have for the project, and finally upload any pertinent attachments.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 5.53.30 PM

Now for the fine print: There is a 5MB limit to the attachment size, and you may only upload one attachment per order. However, you are able to upload files in a .zip format, which can compress the file size, making a much larger transfer of data possible.

Once the order is filled out and you’ve attached the desired files, the Writers can see your posting and any attachment that has been included with it. They will use this information to tailor their writing to your detailed specifications. To manage space on our server, once the User has marked the content as “Complete” the attached file will be purged from Content Runner’s system. This means the Writer will no longer have access to that attachment and if you’d like to send another order, you’ll need to re-attach any desired documents.

Content Runner is always looking for more ways to make the content creation process easier and more transparent on both sides. If you have an idea or suggestion to improve upon the process, let us know. We’re listening.