We’re constantly striving to improve the Content Runner experience for both our Users and our Writers. At any given time, there are about a thousand and one ideas on the table that we’re working to implement (sorry, Matt!). Our latest and greatest addition to the content marketplace has been a long time coming. You’ve asked for it, you’ve wished for it, and we’ve delivered:


That’s right! Now, when a Writer has created a really exceptional piece of content, Users have the option to offer a Bonus, in addition to the set price for the content.

How do I offer a Bonus?

Good question. The simple answer: if an article is rated 4 stars or above upon acceptance, the option to offer a Bonus will pop up immediately after you click “Save Review.”


How much should I offer?

This is entirely up to the User, but the minimum offer is $1. Remember that the standard 15% Content Runner fee will apply, so if you want to give your Writer a full dollar, price it a little higher.

When should I offer a Bonus?

You can offer a Bonus whenever you believe a Writer has earned it:

  • If they’ve gone above and beyond the requirements of the assignment – extra research, flawless writing, et cetera – a Bonus would be a very fitting reward.
  • If you meant to list an article for a higher price, you can easily adjust it by messaging the Writer who has picked it up and offering an adjustment via the Bonus feature.
  • Perhaps your instructions were unclear, the sources you provided contained wrong information, or you forgot to add a vital fact, resulting in a revision or extra work for the Writer. Offering a Bonus in this scenario would be a wonderful way to say “thank you” and to encourage a positive, trustworthy relationship with your favorite Writers.
  • Sometimes, the scope of a project becomes larger than it initially seems. If your project turns out to be too difficult or involved for the price you set, feel free to let your Writer know that you’ll offer a Bonus upon completion.
  • If, halfway through, you realize your project may require an image or a higher word count, a Bonus is a great incentive and an easy way to compensate the Writer for the extra time and effort involved.

How can I earn a Bonus?

Writers can increase the possibility of earning a Bonus on their projects by putting their best foot forward. While freelance writing isn’t a traditional 9 to 5 job, it’s still important to treat your Writer/User interactions as professional conversations; above all else, Content Runner is here to facilitate writer-client relationships. Reach out with questions, request further information or links if you’re confused, and do your best. And if you’ve done more than you think the assignment required, don’t be afraid to request a Bonus; like a raise in a traditional job, you might only get one if you ask!