Hello Writers!

Those of you who received our previous newsletter may recall reading about our newly implemented direct deposit billing process, which we tested with a pilot team earlier this month.

The Content Runner team is pleased to announce that ACH deposit has been launched site-wide and is now available for all writers.

Writers can set up direct deposit by going to the Billing section in the Dashboard. A U.S. bank account is required for ACH deposit. Checking account information will be stored directly with the payment processor, which is PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliant (learn more). Neither Content Runner nor the Users will be able see a writer’s billing account information.

Writers should note that the payment schedule has also changed. Instead of being issued payment every 48-72 hours, writers who reach a minimum threshold of $30 in completed orders during each week will be paid on a weekly basis; otherwise payment will be deposited every 2 weeks. Payments are issued on Tuesdays (for amounts earned up to the point that we generate the payment).

There are often delays between when Content Runner initiates payment and when your account is credited; these delays are the result of bank processing activities and are not under the control of Content Runner. Please plan accordingly.

If you have any questions or concerns about ACH deposit, please contact support@contentrunner.com.

Thank you!