It may have been something you employed once long ago, never considered, or hurriedly dismissed. But consider it now: these days, your success lies in the direction of niche marketing. Whether you’re a Writer trying to expand your influence or a User looking to increase your conversions, venturing into the niche content marketing game is the answer.

We've got a professional on our hands.

We’ve got a professional on our hands.

A Game of Throws

Think of it as playing darts: if you throw it haphazardly, without much care as to where it sticks, you might earn some points or you might bust. Sure, you didn’t have to put in hours of practice, but you also aren’t going to win against your expert competitor (unless you’re very, very lucky or she’s had a few too many microbrews).

Now, imagine aiming for that bull’s-eye. It’s worth the most points, so you should try to hit it; but even if your throw goes astray, you’re still doing better than if you tossed that dart over your shoulder. Providing niche content is like aiming for the bull’s-eye. If you reach your target market, you’re doing better than the fellow who stuck his dart in the wall. You’re catering to a specific need, and those with a certain need are more likely to respond to content that speaks to them, rather than to widely-available generalized information. After all, they’re using more unique, less popular search queries; when they find what they’re looking for, they’re going to convert much more easily.

If You Create Content

You might worry that you’re shooting yourself in the foot, but catering to a niche market is the type of strategy that will garner more numerous and more loyal clients. Any Writer worth her salt can write about plumbing; fifteen minutes of research can result in a professional-sounding article. But fifteen minutes of research can produce a professional article on anything, if it’s general enough.

Consider a Writer with expert knowledge on plumbing—someone well-versed in the art of septic systems, who knows how to wield a pair of flaring pliers—writing an article about how to bend and install a copper pipe. While you, me, and everyone we know probably doesn’t need that information, apprentice plumbers certainly would, as would technical colleges or businesses that manufacture plumbing components. And that Writer, with her unique experience in the plumbing field, is one of the few with the language skills and technical expertise to provide high-quality, informative, original content.

Aligning yourself with a few specific niches may seem like you’re limiting your freelancing potential, but the truth is that you’re opening yourself up to more work than ever. Writing on what you know will improve the quality of what you produce, reduce your competition, and allow you to set a higher price to reflect your expertise. And once a User sees that you know your stuff, you’ve created a solid working relationship.

Saint Bernard looking sad

Just think, your niche content marketing could help an old guy like this find a home. Awww.

If You Need Content

Do you want your content to stand out, or blend in? This is an easy one, of course. While long-tail keywords have less search volume, they are also less competitive in rankings and see higher conversion rates. You could compete with the fifty million search hits for “dog rescue,” but you’ll be putting a ton of time and energy into reaching the first page of Google. “Dog rescue for elderly Saint Bernard” is going to reduce your competition to a mere 550,000.

By nature, niche content is of a higher quality than its generalized cousin, both in terms of its writing and its SEO. It’s wholly unique, useful to the target market, and written for humans, not site-crawling bots. You can pinpoint a specific demographic that has an under- or unfulfilled need, driving traffic and interest in your business. Your writers will have intimate knowledge of the subject at hand, and their personal insight will lend an invaluable authenticity to your content.

Use Your Resources

As long as there’s some level of complexity in the world, there’s a place for niche content. Keep this in mind the next time you go to update your blog, and consider finding a professional Writer for your target markets with our new Offerings feature.