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By now, you have heard all the arguments in favor of regular blogging: It builds your brand, helps you connect with your readers, and improves your SEO ratings by consistently getting new content out there. Who wouldn’t want these benefits? There’s just one problem, and it’s a four-letter word every content marketer struggles with. T-i-m-e. You don’t have enough of it so you put out a blog maybe once every three months. Readers never know when to expect it so they don’t exactly wait in anticipation or blaze a trail to your website to read it.

You don’t get the results you had hoped for in the above scenario so you end up abandoning blogging altogether. Luckily for you, blogging doesn’t have to be all or nothing. A simple solution to your problem exists and it’s called outsourcing.

How to Find the Perfect Blogger

While outsourcing solves the lack of time dilemma, you need to do it right to achieve the brand loyalty and other benefits mentioned above. The freelancer you choose to hire must be a good fit for your business brand, possess the level of knowledge your company wants to convey, and understand the mission of your organization. At a minimum, consider these factors before expanding your team to include a freelance writer:

  • What knowledge does he or she already possess that would be useful in blogging?
  • Can this person demonstrate proven results?
  • How long has he or she been blogging or working as a freelance writer?
  • What is the blogger’s personality and writing style like and do they match with your business and its brand?

When you outsource your blogging, you’re trusting someone else with your business reputation. It’s worth your time to consider several people for the job. After checking out each one’s qualifications, consider a test blog or two to see if you have found a good match.

Outsourcing Your Blogging Saves You Money

Allowing a freelancer to take over your company’s blogging saves more than just time. It saves money as well. You don’t have to hire another employee for blogging purposes and then have that person sit idle between projects. Even when you go through a temporary service, you must pay overhead beyond the person’s salary for the placement.

Lastly, you save money by not having to invest in training for one of your own employees to take over blogging. The person you take on as an independent contractor has that knowledge already. In short, outsourcing your blogging allows your agency to be more flexible with the content marketing budget by calling on a freelancer only when things get too busy to handle in-house.

Fast Turnaround and a Professional Writing Voice

People who write for a living are accustomed to meeting tight deadlines. Unlike your agency where many other projects compete for priority, completing your blog on time is the writer’s top priority. That means you get a professionally written blog returned to you within a few days, not a few weeks or months. If a certain writer cannot meet the deadline you set, you always have the option of working with someone else.

Another thing to consider is that employees of your marketing agency may not have writing skills that would reflect well on your organization. They may be experts in several other areas, but no one person can be good at everything. By working with a freelance blogger, you have the assurance that his or her work will reflect favorably on your company.

If writing isn’t your thing, you will quickly burnout on research, topic generation, crafting the posts, and proofreading your work. Lack of enthusiasm comes through in the written word as much as the spoken one, which means that the audience you’re trying to reach may not connect with your company or brand at all.

Effective blogs contain compelling and engaging content as well as a call to action for readers. Content marketing bloggers also understand the importance of inserting specific words or phrases for SEO purposes. These things can all convert blog readers into paying customers, which is ultimately what every company with a content marketing strategy wants.

Content Runner is the Ideal Marketplace to Outsource Your Blogging

If you’re looking for new freelance writers to clear your backlog or take over regular blogging, you have come to the right place. Content Runner is a completely transparent writing marketplace, which means that you can see exactly who you’re working with before offering him or her an assignment. We allow our writers to use their full names in addition to posting links to their social media accounts and personal blog.

A quick glance at our writer directory tells you the topics each person has the most experience writing about, reviews from other clients, and his or her preferred rates. Speaking of money, we previously covered price negotiations in this blog post. We have also posted step-by-step instructions on signing up for a client account on Content Runner and placing your first order. Click here to view that tutorial. Our staff is always available for questions or to refer you to a specific writer. Feel free to contact us at 1-877-468-6414 if you need additional help.