If you don’t want to jump right into Content Runner and are looking for a more bespoke solution to your content problem, we want to hear about it. We understand that you might have a particular pain point and want that addressed, you’re not interested in learning how our platform solves your issue, you want a more hands on approach. Read below and find out how we will even take orders via email, we want to make the process super easy!

Looking for Full Service Writing Help – One Example Request
We recently had a phone conversation where a company wanted a much more involved answer to their problem. This potential customer asked us if we could create articles for them if they only sent us keywords and we handled:

  • Idea Generation and Creating Topics
  • Assigning Writers
  • Editing
  • Exporting and Emailing

The short answer is yes! We can do the heavy lifting and handle everything from soup to nuts, send us an inquiry and we can have a chat.

Want Writers to Call People and Interview Them?
We been approached by agencies to utilize our writer base and have them reach out and call people on the phone for interviews. To get the best results you should prepare the list of questions you want the writer to ask the individual and then prepare a step by step approach on how to document the interview.

We can Handle Email Orders – 100% Hassle Free Content!
Send us an email with your category and we will email you back with titles and topics to choose from. After you pick the titles you want email us back and we will load the order into your account. We will assign the order out to writers, get it written and have it ready for you to export via Word or import into WordPress. In fact when the order is complete, we can even email you the finished product, whatever it takes.

Looking for a White Labeled Interface for your Clients?
If you have the client base and want to explore a white label order entry screen we can connect our API to your site and have your customers order directly from your site. Your clients can order directly from us into their own account (or your master account) and then you can assign it out to a writer directly or create an open order.