Here's Chad. Hi Chad!

Here’s Chad. Hi Chad!

Are you tired of entering the same order details into your orders each month? Fret no more as you can now save an order as a template and reuse it on your next order. You can make edits to existing templates and create as many new ones as you like.

Share Articles via Email
You can now share completed articles to team members via email. Enter up to 10 email addresses and share the article by clicking the symbol with 3 dots in it just to the left of your article title (in the article detail page).

Other Small Housekeeping Items
We just added a delete thread button so that you can now delete emails from within the message. Users can cycle through the Pro Tips section that they see in their dashboard.

Slack Integration
We have heard from many of you using Slack that you’d like us to consider an integration with Content Runner. We will be looking into this in May and if you have any suggestions here (or for any new features), please let us know!