How can you create content that people want to read, and is completely different from anything you will find online? Creating informative, engaging, and original content can be a difficult challenge for many writers and there is a thin line between paraphrasing and plagiarizing. Without realizing it, many Writers often find themselves plagiarizing another’s work, since it can be difficult for some Writers to understand how to correctly cite sources and paraphrase in the right way. The following are some tips to help Writers understand the difference between plagiarizing and paraphrasing, and how to research effectively to create high quality, original content.

What is Paraphrasing?
When you decide to paraphrase a source, you are using the idea that you have read, but you are using it in your own words. Being able to read it, and present it in a new and different way allows you to hold credit for the information, but you can paraphrase it by adding in a direct quote from the original author. It is important that you only use small quotes and bits of information instead of longer quotes. The longer quotes can appear that you are simply replicating the authors work word for word, and it isn’t anything new or original. As a professional courtesy, cite your source by using hyperlinks so you can give credit to the right person that created the original idea.

What is Plagiarizing?
If you use another person’s work word-for-word, and you do not quote them or offer credit to their words, you are plagiarizing. Plagiarizing is stealing, and it is not acceptable anywhere. Users and publishers will reject work from individuals that are caught plagiarizing another person’s work. Content Runner does not tolerate plagiarism and currently employs the assistance of Copyscape to ensure that all work accepted is original. Each article undergoes a Copyscape scan and if content is found to be plagiarized, the article will be rejected and the Writer may be blocked by the User or Content Runner itself.

Avoid Plagiarism Standing Out in Business
It is important to use the right techniques to effectively avoid plagiarism. The best way to do this is to do your research and take some notes of what stands out. Write down the source information as you take notes so you can remember to credit the right author. The next step is to them cite your sources as you use your own words to spread the right message to your customers. Once you have an idea where you would like to go with your information, create a format for the content. Now, start writing down your information in your own words.

After you are done, if you believe you have referenced the source a great deal, you can compare your work against the source in MS Word to ensure you content is original. This can also help you to find areas where you need to cite direct quotes of other authors. If you find that you are wording some items too similar to another author, adjust as needed. The goal is to give your reader something that is new and different from what is already on the Internet. If you are simply spinning the same information that is already out there, you won’t gain a lot of credibility with your clients, and you won’t boost your reputation.

Original Content
You want to become a Writer that other people start to cite when they do research on topics related to yours. When people start to cite you as a source, it helps to boost your reputation in the industry. If they link back to your website to show authority, it helps to improve your website rankings. This is one of the best honors you can achieve for marketing yourself to a new audience. You should be proud of the information you put out there without the worry that you will ever have people telling you that you copied their information. Use your imagination, do a lot of research, and do not plagiarize if you want people to respect you for your hard work!