Winter is an eventful time of the year. You have inclement weather and numerous charity events you company can attend and if you are in charge of content strategy for an e-commerce company or a service company, you also need to anticipate and prepare for winter weather and how it might impact your products. Plan your content strategy accordingly and cover the events for your company to get the most out of the holidays.

Donate to Charity
During the winter months when times are tough for the homeless and winter weather is treacherous, donate either your time or your money to charity. The main benefit you receive is the good feeling that you helped out your local community. The ancillary benefits to charity are that you can advertise the events through content marketing. Planning to work a soup kitchen during the holidays? Compile a blog post to announce the event and send out a newsletter. You never know you may convince a client to attend an event with you and use the opportunity to strengthen a relationship.

Give Your Favorite Clients Holiday Gifts
Don’t forget your best clients during the holidays. Avoid the fruitcake, but you can always buy them a gift basket or come up with something even more novel they would love. Write a thank you card as well, it’s these small details that are always appreciated.

Ask your client what their favorite charity is and make a donation in their name. This can build you instantaneous goodwill and it wouldn’t be surprising to see your client match your donation.

Anticipate Power Outages
Selling generators online? You need to be intimately aware of the weather and make sure you are stocked up on inventory in late summer as major storms can happen in September throughout much of the country. Go to NOAA to get the latest forecasts and get a heads up when a storm may have a dramatic impact somewhere in the US.

Create Detailed FAQ’s
Working on content for a tree trimming company? Prepare a step by guide on what to look for when your trees go through a windstorm. Prepare a video on what to look for if your tree is leaning and looks like it might fall over.  Compile a list of high quality images of trees (by tree type) with problems so your customers can quickly look and see if they are having the same issues.