What was the most Challenging Part of Development? 
One of the most challenging parts for me was properly testing the plugin code and accounting for all possible scenarios. It can be time consuming but it has to be done if you want code that you’re confident will not fail. It’s also a challenge to integrate a new feature into existing code when you may not have known beforehand that feature was needed.

What’s the Coolest Feature you Designed? 
As a developer I am most excited about the core functionality of the plugin– being that it was the most challenging to work on. It allows the user to import Content Runner articles into WordPress just by clicking a few buttons. Making it work involved building an API (application programming interface) for the plugin to interact with, and cURL requests to send information back and forth between the api and the plugin. I found it very cool.

 How Long Does it Take to Install the Plugin?
Only a few minutes. Simply generate an API username and API key from within the Content Runner dashboard, download the plugin from the download page, then upload it to your WordPress installation. Once the plugin is installed just enter your API username and API key. Your content is now at your fingertips.

How can an Agency White Label the Plugin? 
When you download the plugin from us we give you the option of giving the plugin your own custom name (called ‘White Labeling’). Simply choose the ‘White Label This Plugin’ link when you are on the download page.

What Does “White Label” Mean? 
The option to white label the plugin gives you the ability to protect your content runner articles by giving it your own name so your clients can’t see where you’re getting your content from.

Why is the Plugin Password Protected? 
This is done so that you can keep other WordPress users from viewing your custom content.

What are the future plans for the Plugin? 
As we go forward we’ll add things that give the user a little more fine grain control, such as a search box for quickly finding a particular order number. We also plan on expanding the capabilities of our API so that developers can build applications around it.

How do I Know if Formatting will come over from my Content Runner Account? 
Formatting can be tricky so we put a lot of effort into making sure the article content is parsed correctly and will show up in WordPress the way it was formatted inside Content Runner.

What if I have Questions While I’m Installing the Plugin? 
You can email support@contentrunner.com or even better send me an email at damien@contentrunner.com and I can help you out!