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No Time? Don’t Know What to Write? Outsource Your Blogging Today

No Time? Don't Know What to Write? Outsource Your Blogging Today

By now, you have heard all the arguments in favor of regular blogging: It builds your brand, helps you connect with your readers, and improves your SEO ratings by consistently getting new content out there. Who wouldn’t want these benefits? There’s just one problem, and it’s a four-letter word every content marketer struggles with. T-i-m-e. You don’t have enough of it so you put out a blog maybe once every three months. Readers never know when to expect it so they don’t exactly wait in anticipation or blaze a trail to your website to read it. You don’t get the…

How to Write a Great Blog Post

How to Write a Great Blog Post

When you login to Content Runner to look for work, you see the title of the offering and monetary offer in addition to the category for each assignment. Blog post is a popular category among clients with good reason. Blogs allow companies to speak to their customers in a less formal tone of voice about issues that affect them. Although they are not an essential part of a business website, they engage people in a different way. For example, a chiropractor’s website typically includes information about the services offered, staff biographies, hours of operation, types of insurance accepted, and similar…