As a business owner, while writing your own content is something you can do, it’s not necessarily something you should do. In fact, using Writers can result in some freedom of your own, ultimately liberating you to concentrate on the areas of your business where you are most needed and most effective.  Hiring Writers is beneficial to companies both large and small and the following will discuss how they can also be vital to the overall success of a business.

 WritersThe Benefits of Hiring Writers
According to CNN Money, a recent survey conducted by the freelance company Elance found that hiring freelancers was highly effective. Of the 837 small US businesses surveyed, 78 percent said that freelancers provided them with an advantage over the competition. The three benefits they cited included: cost saving, quicker hiring times, and the ability to hire talent not available in the local area. In terms of cost, the benefit was quite drastic: most of those surveyed stated that hiring freelancers cut company costs by at least half.

The Costs are Often Cut by Eliminating Overhead: with Writers, vacation and health insurance do not need to be paid and retirement plans don’t need to be matched. When this is coupled by the elimination of supplies (everything from cubicles to computers, from paper products to utility bills) the costs decrease dramatically.

Writers Allow You to Delegate: For those who run a business, delegating is practically synonymous with success. There are a few reasons for this, with the most obvious one being that delegating saves you from doing the little things, so that you can focus on the bigger ones. Delegating also empowers your employees and contractors, giving them the confidence to come forward with new ideas and the desire to put forth their best work. Finally, delegating increases company productivity, which increases the most precious “p” of all: profits.

Writers Give You Professional Results: When the concept of Search Engine Optimization and content marketing first developed, the industry was all about quantity: often, it didn’t matter how poorly something was written as long as it contained the invaluable (and often nonsensical) keywords. However, Google (and the other major search engines) as well as the public have all caught onto this scheme and no longer respond to it: they still want quantity, but they want quality too. This is where hiring a professional Writer with Content  Runner can make a world of difference. Professional Writers take pride in their craft, and aim to put out consistent content that educates or humors, inspires or informs.

The Future of the Freelance Industry
Another benefit of hiring Writers is the staying power of the trade: in recent years, it has become increasingly clear that the industry is a force to be reckoned with. The freelance industry was worth an estimated 150 million in 2011 and growing by 5-6 percent each year. Yet, this present state appears to have nothing on what the future holds.

Within the next decade, freelancing may become more commonplace than working onsite: as reported by Business Insider, a study conducted by the software company Intuit estimates that 60 million people will be freelancers, contractors, or temp workers by the year 2020. In other words, nearly 40 percent of the American workforce will be working on a freelance basis.

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