The writing’s on the wall: niche markets are the future. Trying to develop engaging content for the healthcare industry sounds easy enough – it’s a hot topic nowadays. But it takes more than a strong opinion to create high-quality, informative content. Finding and hiring writers with the kind of specific experience you’ll need to effectively access your audience can be quite a task – here’s where we come in.

Medical writing.1. Forget general – go specific.

You’re targeting a specific audience. These people already know many of the ins and outs of the industry – an opinion piece on Obamacare isn’t going to cut the mustard. They’ll scoff at the hastily-Googled information provided by a writer with a generalized portfolio. At the first dubious fact or misuse of medical jargon, your readers are going to lose their trust in your content – and you can bet they won’t finish that article, heed your calls to action, or recommend you to their friends in the industry.

Finding a writer who knows the healthcare field intimately is key. Perhaps their day job is spent in geriatrics. Maybe they have a PhD, and writing is their passion. They could specialize in medical legislation, they could be a phlebotomist, they could be a retired ER nurse. Whatever the case, however they acquired their expertise, the fact remains that you need a writer with special knowledge of the healthcare field. But where do you look for such a person?

2. Find the best writers (we’ve done the hard part for you.)

Believe it or not, there’s a carefully-curated list of professional, industry-specific writers waiting eagerly to help you. Every writer on our list of Offerings has been selected for their expertise, professionalism, and writing ability. Indeed, one of the things we’re most excited about with Offerings is the chance to connect niche writers with the industries that need them the most.

3. For superior writing in the healthcare industry, hit these points.

We all know that inbound marketing and written content enjoy a linear relationship. The higher your content quality, the better your ROI. The lower the quality, the more Google will penalize you until the negative reinforcement finally kicks in and you switch tactics. Of course, this begs the question: What makes for quality content in health and medicine?

  • Comfortably knowledgeable writing. This means that the writer doesn’t have to spend three hours researching chronic depression; they’ve written on this topic before, they’ve perhaps worked in psychology professionally, and they’re used to using terms like “cognitive behavioral analysis” and “dysthymic disorder” (which, full disclosure, I did have to look up – my niche is puppies.)
  • Useful information. A writer with special expertise will be able to pan for gold when it comes to your topics, resulting in a more concise and targeted piece of writing.
  • Intelligent insight. While you may have to compensate a little more for the thought leadership, a writer with industry knowledge will be able to analyze situations and offer original, valuable opinions and conjecture about the topic at hand. Whether it’s as controversial as the new healthcare laws or as obscure as groundbreaking discoveries in kidney bioprinting, providing an innovative thought can make all the difference in the shareability of your content.
  • Good old-fashioned writing skills. The moment a knowledgeable reader spots that grammar or spelling mistake, a big chunk of trust flies right out the window. Especially when your niche includes an educated, thoughtful audience, the technical quality of your written content is tremendously important. There are thousands of people who went through medical school that can’t spell for beans; there are millions of people who could write the next great American novel, but know diddly-squat about the healthcare industry. Find the sweet spot by hiring a professional writer who specializes in medicine and health.

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