The title is the most visible part of your article. It is one the first things that your readers will see before they decide whether to select the article or read something else. The more engaging and informative your titles are, the better your results will be with search engines, as well as with the readers.

How do you create captivating titles that draw readers to your work? It takes a combination of experience, knowledge, as well as trial and error. However, the tips included below are will help you get started on the right track to creating titles that will get your work the attention that it deserves.

Keyword Usage

Incorporating keywords throughout your body of work is very important. It is one of the most important factors that draw visitors to your website. It would be difficult for your target demographic to locate your website without them. Why not use these keywords in your title? People are more conditioned to scan the search results, only to choose the URL that contains pertinent keywords and/or a meta-description that closely relates to their search query. Make certain that you do not over stuff the title with a bunch of unnecessary keywords. It will make the title appear unnatural and like spam to the search engines. Choose at least one of the most popular keywords and integrate it to into your title in the most natural way.

Avoid Creating Long Titles

Titles are most effective when they are concise, short and make a great impact. Try to keep your titles fewer than 70 characters as shorter titles are better suited for sharing on social media. This also reduces the chances of it being cut off on search engines. It is important to keep in mind that you only have a few seconds to catch your reader’s attention, so make it count by creating titles that are as descriptive as possible, rather than generic.

Use Catchy Phrases

A particularly well phrased title can increase the appeal of your article and reach different types of readers who might not have otherwise taken the time to notice your article. Catchy titles make all the difference in grasping the attention of your readers, and they also provide the perfect platform to introduce readers to the rest of the article. A few noteworthy catchy phrases include “How To,” “Tips For,” and “DIY.”


Clarity is very important when creating titles for your articles. Never intentionally create titles using false advertising methods only to attract readers under false pretenses giving them the impression that the article is about one topic only to find that it was something totally different. Transparency is very important. Your titles need to be clear conveying what the article is about leaving no uncertainty to readers. You want to build trust among your readers. You can’t do that by practicing unethical title creation methods.

Content Runner Titles

Content Runner gives Users the option to hire Writers to create eye-catching titles in addition to creating the entire content piece. Given the right instructions, Writers can insert any requested keywords or meet a specified word length that will produce titles and content to make readers take notice. This combination will ensure your content gets the attention it deserves.

One of the hardest things to do is to create titles that standout above the thousands of titles that can be pulled up from any typical search online. However, with a little practice you can have the perfect title creation strategy that works for you. Just make certain that you consider your keyword usage, avoid using long titles and make certain your title entices your reader, but tells them what to expect.