A press release is a vital aspect of any businesses’ marketing efforts. It is a fundamental tool of public relations because it provides an effective way for a company to announce news worthy information to the public in order to gain free exposure. A press release can tell a story, help a cause or announce the news about the company, its products or services. Crafting an effective press release takes creativity, research and patience. Make certain that your press release stands out above the rest and attracts the attention that you desire by using the following tips.

Use an Attention Grabbing Headline
You only have a few seconds to grab the reader’s attention with your headline. When you craft it, think of a concept and lead with it. Avoid using your company name or brand name. Your headline needs to be strong, accurate and engaging. Your readers are interested in finding a good story, so lead a compelling concept that draws them in immediately. Be creative as creative as possible.

An effective headline should contain no more than 120 characters, so make certain your most important keywords appear within the first 65 characters because search engines only index the first 65 characters of the headline. If you need to add more information, include a summary or a subhead.

First and Subsequent Paragraphs: Get Straight to the Point
The very first paragraph of your press release is very important. Keep it simple. It should answer the questions who, what, when, where, how and why. Engage your readers. People are very busy, so it is safe to assume that many will only read the first sentence of the paragraph and scan through the rest of the piece. This is why it’s important for you to get your message across very quickly. Address every important point of your press release in the first couple of sentences. Use the remaining paragraphs to provide the supporting information.

Press releases are not a sale pitch. Whether you’re creating content for the first paragraph or the subsequent paragraphs, it is important not to come off as too promotional. You need to find a way to connect with your audience and find a balance. First, consider what you want your target audience to think once they have read your content. What actions do you want them to take? Create a sales-free press release, but make it apparent what you want your readers to do next; for example, provide a link at the end of the piece that directs readers to a page that will allow them to purchase or review services mentioned.

The press release must include content that encourages the reader to take interest. Avoid using industry jargon, and keep the writing simple and to the point. Limit your press release to one page; however, two pages is the recommended maximum.

Do not make the mistake of misquoting opinions as facts in press releases. Any opinion or statement given needs to be placed in quotation marks and must be attributed to the president, CEO or executive of the company. Including a quote from a company spokesperson is a great way to help explain what the press release means for the company and its future. It also adds authority to your press release.

Contact Information
Not including contact information at the end of the press release is a common oversight. This makes your press release ineffective. Editors, journalists and other interested parties may want to contact you to follow up for more information. Don’t forget to leave your point of contact information, which should include an email address, phone number, web address and physical address if applicable.

A good press release is written as a story rather than a promotional piece that markets your company’s services or products. Publishing a well-constructed press release will help your company attract the attention it deserves.

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