A good way to communicate with customers and potential supporters of your company’s products and services is by maintaining an active company blog. A blog is a vehicle that provides you with a way to stay in touch with visitors and drive inbound leads at the same time.

Creating a blog is important but is only part of a process. Updating your blog regularly with timely and relevant information is critical if you want to grow your readership. Changes to Google’s search engine algorithms that rank webpages (i.e. Panda, Penguin and the newly released Hummingbird) requires a greater emphasis on blog posts and articles that are informative and well written, not based on tricks and gimmicks.

There are at least 5 elements to creating a great company blog that is both well-rounded and informative. These traits include: updating it on a frequent basis; commenting on current events or industry news; answering the “unasked” question; keeping it current and uncontroversial; and encouraging a response from the reader.

1. The Frequently Updated Blog
One of the ways that you definitely know you have a great blog is because you keep it up-to-date. New content is added to your blog on a  weekly basis. A lag between posts can be indicative of a lack of interest on your part and make it hard to sustain your audience. Populating the blog with fresh content shows that you have an interest in maintaining the page and providing informative content.

One of the ways to help you keep the content on your blog fresh and up-to-date is through the use of a content calendar. This device, used by a wide range of organizations, provides you with a list of the blog posts or blog post topics you plan to release over a period of time. A person within your organization should be appointed to manage the calendar (i.e. the “editor”) and be empowered with the duties to ensure that topics are discussed, placed on the calendar and content prepared for release. Maintaining this type of system for your blog posts can help you stay on top of the frequency new content is published and sustain the interest of your audience.

2. Staying Current on Events or Industry News
An easy way to spice up your content and stay on par with what great blogs offer is through the inclusion of content that is based on current issues relevant to your industry, product(s) or service. For example, if your business is accounting and tax planning, an article at year’s end reviewing changes to tax law would rate very high, not only to your regular readers but also those new and potential customers looking for information on their impending tax filing. Being current shows your audience that you are not merely posting canned content that lacks relevancy to their situation but are actively engaging your audience and the questions they have.

3. Answering the “Unasked” Question
Answering the question posed in a search query on Google is a good way to receive good results to your webpage. Answering the unasked question is a great way to get outstanding search results for your company blog. A person asking the question in a search engine, “What are cold supplements?” may in fact be asking, “What is the benefit of using cold and flu supplements?” or “Are there risks associated with certain types of cold supplements?” These unasked questions should be incorporated in the blog’s content. Doing so will go a long way in improving the relevancy of your work to a reader’s query.

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Stacy does not approve of Nathalie’s blogging controversies. Also, Nathalie drinks a lot of Gatorade.

4. Staying Away from Controversy
Conversations regarding politics and religion are strictly off-limits, especially if you are talking to a stranger or someone who holds views that are diametrically opposed to yours. Unless your business is a form of partisan political consulting or religious views, this is a good rule to keep in mind for your company blog. You have a right to your views but if you want to know how quickly you can turn opinions against your company and blog, do what Guido Barilla, chairman of Barilla Group and misunderstand the impact that social media has in creating public outcry to poorly chosen words.

5. Encouraging Reader Response
The result of any great blog should be a call to action. Your content should have some motivation for your audience to do something, whether that is visiting your company, talking to a sales professional or company associate or placing an order for your products and services. Such a call can be subtle or overt but, regardless, encouraging your reader to take action is a critical element of a great blog.

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