One of our goals when we built Content Runner was to streamline the process of working together for freelance writers and clients who needed their talent. We built our marketplace to do just that, and we baked in a bunch of different ways to place an order that would help our Users quickly and easily communicate to a Writer everything he or she would need to know to start working. Our hope was that Users and Writers would develop professional working relationships and get to know what to expect from the other party.

Mission Accomplished!

You all took to our plan like fish take to swimming, and our community of Users and Writers are doing great work together every day. But as time went on and more of these lasting working relationships formed, we started hearing new feedback.

We're hoping Staff Orders make working with your favorite Writer or client a piece of cake. Delicious, sugary cake.

We’re hoping Staff Orders make working with your favorite Writer or client a piece of cake. Delicious, sugary cake.

The order form, which had been designed to include as much information for the Writer as possible, was getting in the way of Users sending orders to Writers who already knew what they wanted. It meant that Users who wanted to pay by the hour, instead of by the word, for example, had no option but to guesstimate.

Problem Solved – Introducing Staff Orders

To stay true to our mission, we wanted to come up with a way to make sure our Users had the kind of flexibility they needed to place the kind of order for the kind of content they wanted. Our solution: the Staff Order. Staff Orders are a much-simplified version of the usual order form that make it much easier for Users to order exactly what they need from a Writer with whom they work regularly, and to pay for it however works best for them.

Staff Orders are intended for use only with Writers with whom you already have a working relationship; as a result, these orders cannot be rejected once the Writer has accepted them. The form is intended to get rid of the cumbersome parameters in our original order form, like word count or price per word, to give Users more flexibility in how they work with their chosen Writers. If you have one or two (or a small handful) of Writers with whom you work almost exclusively, we hope the Staff Order form will make the ordering process quicker and simpler.

If you have questions, comments or concerns, don’t hesitate to let us know! We’re always working to improve Content Runner based on feedback from you, our community of Users and Writers. You can also read more about Staff Orders in the FAQ. Thanks for reading!