You may have some of the most important, compelling, hilarious content on your blog, but without readers, that literary gold can be easily lost among the vast mountains of content available on the Internet. There is no subject untouched by the world wide web, and few things you cannot, in some shape or form, purchase. The Internet has opened up an unlimited exchange of products and information, and without some direction, traffic is scattered and unpredictable.

globeRecently, viral images, videos and stories have blossomed in to the new aspirations of companies and individuals as a means to be noticed by the masses. To ‘go viral’ is to be shared quickly and successfully among millions of viewers, often through social media platforms. There are a few options sites and bloggers have for generating more traffic and building back links which lead back to their content.

Generating Consistent, Shareable Content

For any blogger interested in being heard world wide, it is important to focus on creating content which is high quality and relates to a popular topic. The content needs to be easily shareable, and compelling enough that readers want to share it with friends, family, and the rest of their networks. The addition of social media ‘buttons’ to blogs and web content has helped create this user-friendly network of viral information. It is easy for readers, upon stumbling on something they want to share, to simply click these back link buttons, and post directly on their social media pages.

Compelling content is the first step in a successful blog, but consistency is just as important. Readers should be able to expect a new post in a timely fashion. Blogs which are left without new content for weeks or months quickly fall out of the reader’s mind, and are no longer drawing the traffic they used to. Once a blog has captured a reader, they need to keep them by continuing to post shareable content. Bloggers do not need to post daily to be successful at fresh content, but posting once or twice a week is critical to generating and keeping that visitor traffic. If you are having difficulty keeping up with the demand for fresh content, consider contacting a content creation company which can provide great, on-topic and keyword-laden articles.

Be Memorable and Remind Readers

It is important for a blogger to have their own domain name. Blogs rely on branding and becoming memorable in order to garner the most success. It is easy to link a content management tool such as WordPress, to your own domain name. Instead of ‘,’ why not pay the $10 a year for ‘’. This intentional branding is a great tool to strengthen your blogs presence, and make it easier for readers to remember and access your content.

It should also be a simple process to subscribe to your blog if a reader enjoys what they find. They should be able to easily find the ‘subscribe’ button for either email or an RSS feed, which reminds them whenever new content is posted. With the reminder, they are more likely to return, thus creating a return of traffic.

You should also go out of your way to engage with readers. If there is a comment section or a Twitter account connected to your blog, be a frequent user of it. Answer questions, ask some more, anything to generate that conversation and cultivate a community among your readers. Comment on other blogs in order to establish yourself as an authority and offer yourself as a credible source.

Search Engine Optimization and Engaging

Branding is important for your blog as a whole, but be sure to include basic marketing tools within each post you create. Include keywords and optimize your content for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by creating back links, click-throughs, and other connections to similar content on the web. There are plenty of add-ons and social media companies who can help you get the most out of each of your posts.