So you’ve got the content for your website, whether that’s landing pages, blogs, etc., but now how do you get it out there in front of the people who need to see it? Unfortunately, content promotion is where many companies fall short when it comes to their overall marketing strategy.

Your job isn’t done once you’ve built your content framework or even once you’ve splashed it on your social media channels. The Internet is a crowded place. Even if your content is amazing, it’s competing with a lot of other amazing content out there. You need to promote it if you want your core audience to see it, notice it, and take action.

It’s your job to consider promotion from the day you start a piece of content to the day it finally finds its audience, says Moz. But that’s not enough. You also need to understand how people share your content. Here are some tips on the best ways to connect your content with your audience.

Build Your Audience

You’ve probably already done a lot of audience research in regards to both content strategy and ideation phases. Now, all that hard work will begin to pay off. If you were smart and turned all that research into targeted content that appeals to your niche audience, you are already well on your way to building a foundation with your audience on which your relationship will rest.

Engage With Your Community

It’s time to come out from behind your keyboard and engage with your community. The best way to do that is to promote your content with your social media groups. Facebook and LinkedIn both give you an opportunity to dig deeper into a social platform and target your niche audience, says Content Marketing Institute. Join groups in which your content will be relevant, engaging in ongoing conversations with others and suggesting your content naturally. Depending on your type of business, you may be better off with platforms like Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter. Whichever it is, embrace it and stick with it daily.

Target influencers with lots of followers, but choose ones who are more likely to engage with your messaging. Translation: choose people with a high retweet and reply ratio.

You can also join online communities and Q&A platforms such as Yahoo! Answers or Quora, where you can discuss topics related to your niche.

Pay to Promote

For quicker results, you can always advertise your content, an effective strategy that has great results as compared with traditional direct-marketing tactics. Pay per click or by number of impressions to ensure your content gets more reach on a variety of platforms. Check out Facebook ads to craft targeted ads based on several types of criteria, including demographics, location, and specific interest categories.

Email Your Sources

If you mention or interview someone in your content, or include a link to their work, email those sources to let them know, advises Neil Patel. This way, they will also be able to read, share and link to your content.

Contact Those Who Have Shared Similar Content

Contact people who have shared content that’s similar to the piece you just published. You probably have some links to research you did for your content. Take those URLs and search for them on sites like Twitter, where you can see the people who have shared them. Send them a direct message or contact them via email through their website. Ask them to read and share your content.

Contact Content Runner

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