Being a Writer with Content Runner certainly has its perks, and being able to work remotely and be on the go is definitely one of them. Unfortunately, with freedom of movement comes a change in routine, which can often leave a Writer scrambling to complete assignments and meet deadlines. By incorporating these few tips, however, you’ll be able to achieve the perfect balance between traveling and writing; ensuring that you set a manageable schedule for yourself; and getting assignments completed on time.

Plan Ahead
One of the biggest mistakes people make when working remotely is to not plan properly for travel. At home, it’s much easier for Writers to establish a routine that keeps them in check. Before you go on your vacation or make travel plans, consider the following:


Whether she’s planning a big trip or just stepping out early for the day, Stacy is always sure to communicate with her team.

Where is it you’re traveling to? Are you within the United States where Internet access is prevalent? Or are you in a more remote area that’s less developed? Will you be needed to purchase a mobile USB modem? If traveling to a less developed area, consider whether power outages will be an issue. In addition to considering where you’re going, you also want to think about time changes in your new location so that you don’t accidentally submit an assignment late. Research your area before heading out, and have an idea of what resources will be available at each place you check in.

Before you go, make sure that you have everything that you’ll need on you and that it’s kept in an accessible location—traveling is not the time to be purchasing new equipment. Bring your computer, power adapters, hook-ups, or any other tools or equipment you utilize for your writing assignments. Additionally, if traveling outside of the United States, remember that you’ll probably need power adapters and outlet converters.

Time changes aren’t the only thing you have to think about when combining work and travel. Have an idea of when you’ll have time to write. Do you have obligations that are going to prevent you from working on certain days? Are you going to be in a car for hours throughout the day? Know what your time constraints are, and add working into your schedule.

Check in Regularly
If you work in close relation with a User, give them a heads up that you’ll be traveling. If you’re not able to make an assignment deadline, tell your User well in advance to avoid repercussions. Change the settings on your dashboard in order to receive assignment updates and deadline notices. If you’re not able to change these settings, as would be the case if you submit articles via email, for example, then check in regularly to make sure you know exactly when things are due.  If you’re not going to have regular Internet access and checking in will be difficult, then purchasing a planner or utilizing a desktop calendar is recommended. Jot down all of your assignments and due dates, and reference your schedule regularly.

Don’t Waste Time
Traveling usually means a lot of down time and, if you’re a Writer, it’s your responsibility to take advantage of that. Plan assignments in advance, prepare any documents or references you’ll need, and work whenever you get the opportunity. If you have a long flight or train ride, use that time as an opportunity to accomplish tasks with upcoming due dates. If you go out for coffee, bring your laptop and take thirty minutes to get a head start on a project. The more down time you have, the more you should be writing.

Know where you’re going, know what time constraints you’ll have, and know what assignments you need to complete. Be diligent and responsible, and give yourself a fair amount of time to get work done. One of the best ways to become a successful Writer on Content Runner is to communicate frequently with Users and let them know you schedule well in advance.