It can be hard enough to write and post regular compelling, unique copy for your website and blog. But it’s even harder to come up with topics to write about in the first place. You may be in a rut when it comes to content ideas, which may become a roadblock for you in posting new blogs and articles to interest your audience.

This is an easy trap to fall into. But with a few fresh ideas and a plan, you can come up with unique blog topics to engage your readers. Check out these top six ways to generate new content ideas for your business.

1.    Create Groups of Ideas

When you create a topic list in bunches, this takes the stress out of the process because you know you’re covered for the long term. Don’t expect to just sit down and write. Your first brainstorming session should just be to come up with a bunch of topics by similar theme. Spend a couple hours researching new ideas now, and you’ll become much more efficient at writing later.

Try to come up with topics for the next month. Then next time, try to come up with topics for two months, or even seasonally.

2.    Refresh Old Content

There’s no shame in revisiting and refreshing your older blogs. Just make sure to switch them up enough so that they’re unique. Update the post with timely information, break down a former blog post into several smaller topics, and compile all your top tips into one big helpful blog post, says Forbes.

This is great from a search engine optimization standpoint, as it will command traffic for months and years after it’s published due to links within the content.

3.    Check In With Social Media Followers

The people who follow you on your Facebook, Instagram and other platforms can be your best source of information. Hop on, scroll through the posts, look at photos, see what they’re talking about. What interests them? What brands do they like to interact with? Social media is an unending source of ideas that can help you with your brainstorming process.

4.    Read Your Blog Comments

Go back and read through all the comments on your previous posts, suggests Torque Magazine. This may spur an idea, highlight a pain point for them, or give you an idea of what you’re doing right. Plus, it’s a great way to continue the conversation with your audience. In the same vein, read and respond to your reviews. There could be a treasure trove of possible ideas in there.

5.    Look Through Competitor Websites

While you would never steal topics and wording outright, checking out the blogs of your competitors is a great way to get a new perspective. After all, you’re both in the same type of business. Maybe they’ve explored topics you’ve never even considered before. This can be very eye-opening.

6.    Tap Into Recent Events

It will depend greatly on what type of business you have, but use breaking news to your advantage if you can. See if you can connect a recent piece of news to your industry and how it impacts your customer base.

Coming up with new content ideas can be time consuming, but taking the time to do the research is key.

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