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As a content marketer, you can never have too much knowledge. Whether you have been at this for a month or more than a decade, it pays to read what experts in the field have to say. After all, content marketing evolves at a pace that can make it difficult to keep up with the latest news and trends. Between Google algorithm changes, the continuous growth of artificial intelligence, and a reading audience with an increasingly short attention span, keeping the top content marketing blogs on your reading list just makes good business sense

Copyblogger celebrates its 12th anniversary in January 2018. The website offers educational courses for online marketers that teach them how to create valuable content for readers, drive traffic and conversions, and build an online business from the ground up. Website visitors can choose to read articles, watch videos, and interact with other content to learn the tricks of the trade or they can formally enroll in Copyblogger’s Certified Content Marketer program. It offers professional credentials to help content marketers stand out in an extremely competitive field.

Ducttape Marketing

The Ducttape Marketing blog offers information on topics such as keyword research, understanding the customer mindset, tactics to improve traffic to your website, and many other topics related to content marketing. You also have the opportunity to subscribe to podcasts for Ducttape Marketing. These cover marketing topics as well, but go much more in-depth than the typical blog post.

Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute publishes a daily blog, but its offerings don’t stop there. It also offers resources such as a white paper and eBook library, research tools, educational programs, podcasts, live events, and much more. When you first log on to the site, you can navigate to the tab labeled Topics to narrow down your search. Content Marketing Institute covers nearly every topic in the industry, including the following:

  • Building Your Audience
  • Content Creation
  • Content Distribution
  • Industry News
  • Measurement and ROI
  • SEO and Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Strategy
  • Teams and Process
  • Visual Content and Design

Top Rank Blog

Top Rank Blog also puts out a daily blog from Monday to Friday. You may subscribe to the blog to get a daily dose of wisdom about topics such as social media, SEO, influencer marketing, and content marketing. When going to Top Rank Blog, choose one of those topics across the top of the home page to see the most recent and relevant posts regarding it. When you click on the More tab, you see a long list of sub-topics as well as posts divided by the month that Top Rank Blog published them.


Hubspot is a well-known name in the world of content marketing. Unlike some of the other sites mentioned above, it offers three different blogs based on interests. These include marketing, sales, and customer success. You can subscribe to one or all three of the blogs. Additionally, Hubspot offers free marketing resources, training products, software, and much more.

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