One of the trickiest things after creating or purchasing content is deciding where to put it. Sure, it goes on your website, but how do you know which social media network is most likely to spread it around? Is it relevant to current or ongoing conversations on a specific social media site?

Keeping your audience in mind throughout the entire content creation process is key to creating an engaging and informative experience for the reader. Google, Facebook and Twitter have all released their 2014 “year in review” roundups, and even Hulu and Netflix on getting in on creating lists of what was shared, watched, tweeted and liked in the past year.

Going through and reviewing all this information can prove to be a valuable tool for you. While all social networks had similar top topics, the way they were discussed, shared and posted about varies.


On the Twitter roundup, you can see different perspectives of 2014 from various audience influencers such as Aaron Paul (from Breaking Bad), Robert Downey Jr. and the Duke of York.


Facebook has both global and U.S.-focused top lists, and breaks it down even further to outline what athletes, celebrities and even geographic locations that were the most talked about in the past year.


Google is the most highly-detailed list, breaking it down by overall search terms, celebrities, .gifs, beer, beauty questions and much more. This could give you topic ideas for your specific business, if you are a health and beauty business, a bookstore owner or personal trainer.

Feel free to share your favorite content from 2014. What was most popular for your audience? Did you get that content from a Writer on Content Runner? Let us know!


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