While many content pieces are often assigned as Open orders, this gives the entire pool of Content Runner Writers eligibility to take any article they desire. In some cases, Users might want to take special precautions with certain pieces in order to ensure they are picked up by a highly capable or specialized Writer. In order to meet this particular need, Content Runner has developed a Contact Order tool that allows Users to place a “Request Approval to Write” option when posting an order that gives the User the option to hand pick the Writer for their content. The following will illustrate step-by-step instructions on how to place a Contact Order.

In addition to being a tutorial for requesting a Contact Order, this will also be an introduction for creating a User account for new Users. The tutorial will walk through the process of creating a User account, loading funds, and finally, placing and accepting a Contact Order.

How to Set Up a User Account

1. Sign Up from Homepage

The first step for anyone looking to request content is creating a User account.  From the Content Runner homepage, select Sign Up on the top right hand corner of the page.


2. Create a Username

From the Sign Up page, you will select the “I Need Content” option and  fill out your desired username; email where you would like to receive notifications; and password for your account.


3. Check Your Email

Once you have submitted your information, you will receive an email from Content Runner asking you to confirm your account.


Select the email instructing you to confirm your account.


Once you have clicked the link, you will be redirected to Content Runner where you can begin using your account.


4. Access Account From Dashboard

Once you have confirmed your account, you will be ready to set up your personal information. The sign up form will direct you to your Dashboard where you can access your Settings, Billing, and Account Information.


5. Enter Account Information

After selecting “Account” from your Dashboard you can add personal information to your profile and manage the funds that you will use to pay for requested content.


6. Load Funds

Before you load funds to your account, you must first enter your credit card information.


Load the $25 minimum amount and your current balance will be reflected on the page. Once you have loaded your funds, you are ready to place an order for content.


How to Place and Accept a Contact Order

1. Post Your Order

From your Dashboard, select “Post Your Order” and add your Order Details. You will prompted to upload your order in 1 of 2 ways The first option will allow you to upload your order as a “Form”. This option is especially helpful if you are requesting only a few pieces of content.  Simply give the order a purpose, add order notes, a due date, a style guide (if applicable), and a word count. The cost of the order will auto populate with the site-wide average. You may adjust the price according to your preference .

To place a Contact Order, check the box marked “Require Approval to Write”.


2. Order as “Form”

When uploading orders as a Form, you will add titles and topics one-by-one. You may select if you would like to place the order as Open or if you would like to place a Direct Order with a specific Writer you have already Favorited. Please note: only Favorited Writers will appear in the Writer field if you are placing a Direct Order.


3. Order as “Upload”

If you have a larger order, it can be more effective to upload a larger batch at once via a CSV (comma-separated values) document. To do this, select the “Upload” option and follow the instructions.


You can download the CSV template for uploading and view a list of niches directly from the instructions.


4. Review & Confirm Order Details

Once you have submitted the order, you will be asked to review the order details. If the information appears correct, you can submit your Contact Order.


How to Accept Your Writer

1. Request Appears on Dashboard

After you have submitted your Contact Order, a message will appear on you Dashboard when a Writer has requested to write a content piece from your order.

Request Made

2. Accept Your Writer

The requests will appear in the order they were placed with a message for you from the Writer. It is at this point that you can accept the Writer you believe will complete the assignment to your liking.

Requests3. Success! 

Once you have chosen your Writer, the content piece will be assigned to them and the Writers you did not select will automatically receive a notification stating that they were not selected for this particular assignment.


Once you have been notified that the Writer you selected has been assigned the order, the process is then complete. If you have additional questions regarding how to sign up for an account, or how to place a Contact Order, you can email us at support@contentrunner.com.