When you view Writer profiles, you may have noticed a list of ratings below the Writer’s profile photo and location. These are a valuable part of Content Runner—it allows Users to view how successful a Writer has been throughout the entire process of getting an order to the order being accepted by the User.

We wanted to give you a little breakdown on what these ratings mean, and why it is important to rate the content produced for you by a Writer:

Average Rating

This Writer has an average rating of 4.26 stars.This is where you can see the total number of articles that the Writer has been given a rating for, and what their average rating is. You can also see if the Writer has been recently active.

This is why when you are very happy with a completed project—or unhappy, which we hope is not the case—you should make sure to leave a review for the Writer. Be honest, but not brutal. There is even a spot to leave commentary on what you did or didn’t like about working with this Writer.


Articles Written

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 1.22.56 PM

This is where you can see how many projects a Writer has completed. This way, Users can see how established a Writer is on Content Runner, which could indicate how familiar they are with the marketplace. In this example, you can see the Writer hasn’t been around very long, but is using the site fairly regularly. This may not be an indication that they are a good Writer, however.


Writer Drop Rate

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 1.21.46 PM

With the next statistic, we are showing how often a Writer drops projects they have already accepted. In the image, you can see that the Writer has a much higher drop rate than the site-wide average. This means the Writer may accept several projects, is unable to efficiently manage their time and is unable to complete the projects by deadline. Things happen, and sometimes Writers have to drop projects, but Writers are encouraged to be mindful of their ratings and understand how these statistics can impact your ability to get orders on Content Runner.


Writer Revision Rate

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 1.22.05 PMThis is how often a Writer is asked to complete revisions after they submit an order for review. Writers: Keeping track of things you are frequently asked to revise and being aware of those as you write will not only help your stats, but also help develop your writing skills. Users: Keep in mind that being vague in your instructions and needs for a project may lead to multiple revisions, and having to revise isn’t always a bad thing. Again, we compare a Writer’s individual revision rate to the site-wide average to put it into context.


Writer Rejection Rate

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 1.22.38 PM

Unfortunately, sometimes Writers are just not able to meet a User’s needs, and the project is rejected. While most issues can be fixed in the revision process, sometimes it can still be rejected by the User. Keeping track of areas you want to improve upon as a Writer, as well as Users being clear and concise in their instructions, can keep rejection rates low for Writers.

These ratings and statistics are intended to help both Users and Writers. Building your reputation on Content Runner enables you to receive direct orders, take on more projects at once—and maybe even land you on our site-wide “Favorites” list. By being added to the favorites list, you get access to more and higher-paying projects available on Content Runner.


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