My closet does get much brighter, however.

As we find ourselves in the middle of Pumpkin Spice Latte season (and quickly hurtling toward the only time of year when Egg Nog Lattes are permitted to exist without being declared a crime), the wind whipping at the trees and the clouds hunching grey overhead, we must concede that change is afoot. The leaves shift from verdant to auburn, shake loose from the branches and fall to our feet in drifts. Our light, summery clothes must be shoved to the back of the closet, to be replaced with sweaters, long socks and a ludicrous number of layers.

Content Runner is gearing up for the new season, too. (We finally turned the heat on!) We’ve made some changes to how Open and Contact Orders work that will make both more valuable and, we hope, a better user experience. Keep reading for more on what’s different and how it’s better than before.

Here’s What We Changed

Previously when a User placed an Open or a Contact Order, the articles in that order would be visible to all the Writers on Content Runner, except any the User had already blocked. If the User wanted to narrow down who could see their order, they’d need to send it to a specific Pool or send it as a Direct Order. The User was limited to working with the Writers who picked up their work, without being able to assess the Writers’ skill or qualifications beforehand. An untested Writer might pick up the article and do a poor job, slowing the production process and creating a bad experience for both User and Writer.


They’re much more practical than they look, I assure you.

Now, when Users place an Open or a Contact Order they’ll see four choices to further narrow who will be able to see it. Users now have four options when placing Open or Contact Orders—the articles will be open to: All Writers, 3+ Star Writers, 4+ Star Writers, and Most Active Writers. We think all these selections will be beneficial and will help meet different needs (just like how I have three different levels of winter sock fuzziness which are totally necessary and reasonable).

Need Your Content As Soon As Possible? Make Your Order Open to All Writers

This option is the classic Open or Contact Order. When Users post Open or Contact Orders to All Writers, every Writer on Content Runner (except those who’ve been blocked) will be able to see them and either begin working or contact the User, just as it’s always been. Since any Writer can see and accept these articles, this type of order is best limited to projects that don’t require a great deal of research or thought leadership.

If you need subtle, nuanced writing about a complex topic, this may not be the best option for you. But if your need is to have many, many words written, and quickly, this is an excellent bet. For example, if you needed 300 product descriptions, where the writing is short and sweet and requires little research or finesse, this is a great choice.

Worried About Overtaxing Your Favorites Pool? Try an Open Order to 3+ and 4+ Star Writers

Each time a User accepts an article from a Writer, they have the opportunity to rate it out of 5 stars. Those ratings are collected and combined to form the Writer’s star rating, visible on their profile or from the Writer Directory. The ratings serve as a general barometer of a Writer’s overall skill, and Users can now use them to narrow which Writers can see their Open or Contact Orders.

Puppies are always relevant.

This little pup enjoys a good sweater, and he’s pleased as punch about all the new ordering options.

If you’re new to the site and haven’t built up a Favorites Pool of Writers with whom you’re familiar and comfortable, posting an Open or Contact Order to 3+ or 4+ star Writers is a great way to get high-quality content without relying on the same relatively small Pool and risking overtaxing them.

Looking for Experienced Writers Who Can Work Quickly? Try Our Most Active Writers

Our Most Active Writers are those who have had an article reviewed and accepted within the last 30 days. These Writers log in frequently and are eager to pick up new assignments, which will help you get your content written more quickly. Our Users can also rest easy knowing that the Writers who pick up these articles have delivered quality content in the past. New Writers who haven’t had an article accepted yet and who don’t log in frequently won’t be able to see orders posted this way, helping to shorten turnaround time and reward our most committed Writers.

That’s All, Folks

We’re constantly making improvements to help Content Runner serve you better. We made these changes to Open and Contact Orders to help you get better content more quickly—we hope you’ll be able to make good use of them. If something isn’t working well, you wish there were another order option or you just have a couple of questions, drop us a line and we’ll see how we can help.