Just for fun today, I thought I’d do a little acrostic for you all. Bear with me, it does get a little silly, but it also lets you know a little more about our team and how we feel about Content Runner!

This little creature loves acrostics!

This little creature loves acrostics!

C: Create Cool Content

Whether you’re looking to update your product descriptions, get an engaging blog post or amp up your social media posts, we’ve got talented Writers to help you out.

O: Original, Outlandish Opportunities

For Writers: one of the coolest things about being a content writer is you get to learn about all sorts of new subjects from the wide variety of Users and their content needs.

N: Not Your Average Freelancing Site

Content Runner is unique, flexible, transparent and dedicated to helping both Users and Writers successfully use the site. Our team is always on hand to answer questions or receive feedback!

T: Tech-savvy

We live in a digital world. We’ve got a team of online-first thinkers that know how to make getting web content quick and easy, but also high quality.

E: Enthusiastic

Everyone here at Content Runner genuinely enjoys working here and believes in the mission, connecting Users and Writers to create a flexible and transparent marketplace that benefits all parties involved.

N: New Ideas

We are always seeking feedback about new ways to make Content Runner better for our Users and Writers.

T: Talented

With more than 3 million words written through Content Runner, our talented Writers have cranked out some truly engaging and interesting content for our Users.


R: Realistic

We know there are other sites out there like us. But that’s why we work so hard to communicate with our Users and Writers and create a truly transparent online content marketplace, that’s what makes us different.

U: Unfazed

Sure, ecommerce can be competitive, but we’re confident that our marketplace, our team members, our Users and Writers set us apart from the industry standard.

N: Nutty

I’m feeling a little nutty writing this semi-cheesy blog post about what makes Content Runner so great, but it is all in good fun.

N: New

We’re still fairly new, which means upcoming features and ideas are always welcome.

E: Energetic

Maybe all that coffee right before writing a blog post wasn’t such a great idea.

R: Really Glad You’re Here

We’re super thankful and appreciative to all of you who use Content Runner. This site wouldn’t be anything if it weren’t for our amazing Users and Writers. So thanks to you!