One of the features our Users consistently tell us they love is the ability to customize their own Pools: lists of Writers with whom they’ve worked and to whom they’d like to send work more directly. Some Pools are built around a specific skill set: a Pool for Writers you trust to write stellar press releases, perhaps, or a handful of Writers who’ve delivered stellar content about a tough topic or difficult-to-research niche.

You can make sure your Pools are more happenin' than this one.

You can make sure your Pools are more happenin’ than this one.

Having the ability to hand-pick which Writers see which assignments is incredibly useful, but if you’re not careful you might end up limiting yourself. What happens when your Pool of Writers is already too busy with other work to deliver the content you need on time? What happens when your Pool starts to get too shallow?

Think Big Picture

Writers are all hoping to impress you enough to earn a coveted spot in your Favorites list, or even better, in one of your Pools. It means they’ll have access to more assignments on more topics, and it means they have their foot in the door. And building a strong Pool of Writers you trust to deliver consistently excellent quality is to your advantage as a User, too. It means that you can place an order without having to pick any one specific Writer to work on it, saving you time without sacrificing the quality of the content.

You might have put together a team of the most stellar Writers on Content Runner, but any Pool can be overtaxed—get too shallow. If you only ever send work to that same Pool of excellent Writers, you run the risk of slowing your production time considerably. Writers often have projects in-process with multiple Users at once, so they may have a full plate before you get the chance to place your order. It’s a supply and demand issue: your Writers’ time may be so in demand that the supply runs short. The simplest solution: work with more Writers.

Plenty of Fish in the Sea

Every new User’s account comes pre-loaded with a Site-wide Favorites list full of Writers who’ve risen to the top: the cream of the crop, as determined by other Content Runner Users. When you’re just starting out, sending orders to the Site-wide Favorites is a great option to test the waters and start to build professional relationships with Writers. From there, most Users choose to curate a second list of their own Favorite Writers and start to build Pools to meet more specific needs.

There are plenty of fish in the sea, if you're willing to cast a wide enough net. Now... bring me that horizon!

There are plenty of fish in the sea, if you’re willing to cast a wide enough net. Now… bring me that horizon!

But there are other options for placing orders that will allow you to work with more Writers—new Writers—to help you fill your Pools. If you’re on a tight deadline, consider placing an order that’s Open to the Most Active Writers. If you’re worried about a drop in quality, you can place an Open Order to 3+ Star or 4+ Star Writers—any Writers whose star ratings don’t measure up won’t even see your project listed among those available. Don’t have a Writer in mind, but want the chance to vet a few candidates first? A Contact Order might be just the ticket—any Writer who wants to work on that project will be prompted to send you a pitch.

Don’t Be Shy!

The many ways to place an order or communicate with the Writers can be a little overwhelming, but there are so many options to give you the maximum amount of control over your content. If you find that sending orders to your Pools isn’t as quick or as reliable as you’d like, there are plenty of ways to expand your horizons and find new Writers to work with.

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