Email notifications (also known as Bacn) are messages that you subscribe to such as updates, alerts and status changes. You can control your Content Runner notifications in “Settings”, “Email Preferences” – opt in or out of any of the settings described below. We have come up with many notifications and if you see one missing that you think would be valuable, drop us an email and there’s a good chance we can create it.

When you break down writing into its many parts, you start realize it’s a complicated process with lots of moving pieces. To get your content creation humming along like a well oiled machine, you need to first break down the work into discrete tasks. Once you know the tasks, it’s important that email notifications go out when one is completed so the next step can be undertaken. Try doing this manually via email and you’ll quickly see how it won’t work, I’m going to go into detail about the notifications we have created and why we think they are important.

Content Runner User Notifications

User receives a new message from a writer – when a writer contacts you, receive notification in the Content Runner messaging system, but also get the message pushed to your external email.

User receives a new request from a writer to write an article – if you have posted a project on Content Runner and you require a writer to “contact” you prior to working on it, you will get notified that a writer is interested in your job.

 A Writer adds me as a favorite – just like users can add writers as favorites, writers can do the same for users. This important information to know as you will receive feedback from the writers that like working with you.

 An article is submitted for review – when a writer is finished with an article, you want to know about it! Right away when a writer clicks submit for review Content Runner will message you to let you know you have an article waiting.

Content Runner Writer Notifications

I receive a new message – when a user contacts you through the Content Runner messaging system you will also get the message pushed to your external email.

I receive a new request – if a user contacts you about a specific project on Content Runner you will receive a request to write.

A User adds me as a favorite – Users are adding writers everyday as favorites and it’s great to know you’re loved!

One of my articles is rejected – after 2 rounds of revisions, if a user feels you aren’t addressing their concerns, they can reject the article.

My favorite clients post new orders – get notified when a favorite client of yours posts a few order – be the first one on the site and you can earn more money!

 Payment has been sent to me – when Content Runner processes a payment, you will get notified via email.                                                                        

 There is a problem with my payment deposit – if we tried to process a payment and the routing or bank account number failed you will get notified.

 One of my articles has been returned for revision – a user may have questions or updates for you to make on your article and you will get a message letting you know.

 I have articles approaching the deadline – if you have outstanding assignments getting close to the due date, we will send you an email to let you know it’s time to get working on the project.

Due articles are in danger of being reassigned – you are nearing the deadline for a project to be completed and shortly it will be re-assigned if you haven’t completed the work.

 Overdue articles are reassigned from my account – if you waited too long to complete an article, we may re-assign it to someone else.

 A client increases my concurrent article limit- your take limit may get increased by users that have come to trust your writing skills, this is a good notification to get!