We are working hard on features here at Content Runner and wanted to share some of the upgrades we’ve just completed as well as the updates coming in the next few weeks.

Order Entry Update – Calculation of Site Wide Average Prices
We have been receiving a lot of feedback regarding the ability to set your own price per article. Primarily the response we’ve been getting is confusion as people are not used to setting a price per article, they are used to choosing a price based on a star system. We have taken the first step to address this problem by significantly enhancing our order entry form – we are now calculating site wide average order pricing that you can use as a suggested price. Do not use this price as the gospel! It is only intended to give you an idea of what other people are paying and you can input a lower or higher price is it completely up to you.

Order Type Added
We used to have a “writer” field and we changed that up and it’s now called “order type” with the 2 choices being either “open” or “direct”. Select “open” when you don’t have a writer in mind for a project, choose “direct” when you have a favorite writer in mind for your article. Once you select “direct” another drop down list will appear with all your favorite writers to choose from.

User Onboarding Emails
As of 3 days ago we had zero new user emails! That was a problem as we are getting new users to sign up, but they have no idea where to get started. Our new welcome to Content Runner email has great links that will help you navigate the site and get going right away. In addition, we are building a 6 chapter walk through that dives in deeper on certain features, these will be pushed to new users over the span of 6 weeks.

Revised Why Content Runner Page with Testimonials
There is a page dedicated to extolling the virtues of Content Runner – “Why Content Runner” , however it didn’t fully explain why we think Content Runner is so extraordinarily awesome, now it does! Expand the sections to learn more about the significant features on the site and read on to see our user testimonials.

Coming Soon – Enhanced Writer Profiles
Writers will soon have the ability to display their desired rate per word on their profile page. When users are reviewing writer bios, they will be able to see the price point a writer expects to get paid and then consider that information when they approach a writer about a direct order. In the next 2 months we will unveil a manual star rating system for both users and writers – but unlike other writing marketplaces we won’t be paying based on these classifications. Users will only be able to rate writers they have worked with (and vice versa) and this will be one more data point you can use when looking to find new writers on the platform.