Nothing is easy about the process of finding a great content marketing writer. You may test a dozen or more before you find someone whose style you truly love. Not only that, but his or her price is affordable as well. This person consistently meets deadlines while providing the quality content your clients need for their marketing efforts. The two of you work on several projects together and you’re both thrilled with the relationship. That is why it throws writers for a loop when large or long-term clients seem to suddenly vanish from the face of the earth.

Why Writer and Client Relationships Change

It happens sometimes. You work with one writer for a long time and eventually it isn’t such a great fit anymore. Maybe the content needs of you or your client have changed and your go-to writer doesn’t have the expertise to produce what you need. It could also be a change in writing voice that you desire. However, we have found the following reasons to be more common:

  • The project ends
  • Your agency loses a client or a large share of its business
  • You resign your position at the agency and no one is available to continue working with the writer you have developed
  • The agency changes management staff or gets sold to another company

These are what we consider macro changes that are beyond the writer’s control. While the beauty of freelancing is that neither side must make a long-term commitment unless they desire to, keeping your writer in the loop is still good business practice.

You Don’t Know What the Future Holds
Let’s say that you end an assignment with a writer on Content Runner, approve his or her work, and go on your merry way. Several months or even more than a year later, you land a new content marketing client that could significantly increase your agency’s profits. The only problem is that you haven’t kept in touch with the writer. He or she could no longer be freelancing or now be too busy with other clients to squeeze you in.

When this happens, you must go through the process of vetting new writers all over again. Unfortunately, you may not find one you click with and be forced to turn the client away. The other option is writing the articles, blog posts, or other content yourself. You don’t know how you’re going to fit this in with a schedule that already feels crazy. The lack of time or professional writing skills is what brought you to Content Runner in the first place.

Of course, some clients only have a one-time project such as a landing page or the development of service pages and don’t anticipate needing anything else. Regardless of your situation, we encourage you to periodically check in with writers whom you have built a relationship with on this site. We also extend this same recommendation to our writers when it comes to communicating with you. That includes keeping you abreast of things like schedule changes and other commitments. A little professional courtesy on both ends is just the right thing to do.

Please view our writer directory if you’re looking for writers to work with on a direct order basis. Our staff is also happy to make personal recommendations.