As the owner of your own company, or as someone working for one, you know the importance of online marketing. However, sometimes that knowledge and your budget just don’t seem to match up. Content marketing is a big part of your online marketing allocation, yet many companies don’t invest enough in it.

You may not be sure where to allocate funds to ensure how successful niche content marketing can occur. It’s a simple fact that traditional advertising is no longer as effective as it used to be. However, content marketing is growing at a remarkable rate, giving your business the ideal combination of value and advertising.

The Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as a strategic marketing approach that focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content in an effort to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience.

Content Marketing: Understanding the Value

No business owner wants to put money into an area that won’t give them results. Seeing the value of content marketing is important, but it may not be immediately visible to you or anyone else. It takes time to build effective content marketing, just like SEO, which means seeing amazing results just won’t happen overnight.

The beauty of content marketing is that it offers a true value to your audience. Your readers will seek it out organically because you are answering their questions, solving their problems and meeting their needs. It’s not in-your-face like banner and other types of ads can be. But effective use of content marketing can increase your brand recognition and create a relationship between your company and your audience. Content marketing serves a critical function, reaching people who are looking to bond with a product before actually buying it, says Forbes.

Showcasing Your ROI

ROI represents what your business gains on each dollar spent in your budget. In order to experience the true value of content marketing, you must come up with an accurate ROI for your content marketing expenditures. That’s where analytics comes in. This will allow you to  track everything from the number of leads generated with each campaign to the click-through rates in your CTAs.

This data is great at revealing just how big of a return your company is receiving from content marketing expenses.

Maximizing Your Content Distribution

One big mistake many businesses make is when they allocate money in the budget for creation of content yet nothing on distribution. What good is stellar content if no one sees it? Yes, your content can be found organically via online searches, which may net you some traffic. But you can’t rely on this alone. It becomes necessary to come up with alternative ways to distribute the content that you’ve spent money and time to create.

Social media is a great place to promote your content because it hardly costs a thing and sharing across platforms can expose your audience to your brand quickly. You can even alter the captions or the format of your content to best capture the attention of your targeted readers. Another option is to develop an email marketing strategy, where you can share your content and maximize your investment through widespread distribution.

Remaining Consistent Across the Board

Many businesses will invest in their content marketing strategies regularly, such as once a quarter or a couple times a year, but it’s just not enough. This brings imbalance to that consistency. Regular content on a weekly basis, like clockwork, is the only way  to ensure you’re hitting the right people at the right time

Putting out a glut of content when you get a chance, then waiting weeks or months until you release more, will not only drain the interest of your audience but will also cause search engine algorithms to penalize you. It’s always best to release content at regular intervals throughout the week, month and year.

Contact Content Runner

Making time to create meaningful, regular content for your website is understandably tough, especially when you have a company to run. Hiring freelance writers to handle your content marketing, such as blogs and articles, on a regular basis can ensure you remain consistent and relevant to your audience. Check out our Full Writer Directory now to connect with a wide range of professionals skilled in content marketing. Then Contact Us to learn more.