We have had an overwhelming interest from users to allow them to assign articles out first come first serve to groups of writers. To accomplish this, we created writer pools (we call them pools as an homage to the ever present water in Seattle) for assigning out new orders. Once you load a writer pool order we will automatically notify the writers in your team that an order is waiting for them to take. When writers login to Content Runner they will be the only ones that can see the order. You can create the writer pools in your Writers tab, name them and assign writers to each pool.


There are now four ways to assign writers projects: have them contact you, allow any writer to take it, assign something directly or assign an article to a writer pool. Here is an earlier post that describes all 4 options in greater detail.

Every account will come with a favorites pool and it will automatically add and subtract all the writers that you currently have favorited. Of course you can create additional writer pools, this was the one default pool that all users are going to like. Let us know if you have any questions as you get in and setup your writer pools, we’d be glad to help!