Blogging is one of the best ways to generate new leads and drive traffic to your website. If you do not adequately promote your blog, it can sit statically on the Internet. You need to make sure you are an aggressive blog promoter if you want to gain attention with your blog. Use these tips to start generating more traffic for your blog — or you can release a post in the middle of the night in hopes that it will become the most widely read blog on the internet of all time.

Maximize Social Media
If you want to make an impact, start using social media. You need to promote every blog post that you write on your social media accounts. This will help your blog post to become indexed, and it will give the blog visibility. While not everyone will click on the link to read the post, it generates visibility for the blog, and for your company’s image. Once your followers start reading the blog posts, you will be able to see the blog posts shared across multiple social media accounts. Stick to the major social media accounts initially, and then move into some smaller accounts as you start to gain some benefits from these accounts. Sign up with Google+ as it improves your rankings with the search engine giant. Social media requires you to be active with your account. This means you should be posting on the account daily, and you will need to make sure you are working hard to interact with the readers.

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Get creative to attract readers. Your blog did not just wake up like this.

Creative Headlines
Another way to promote your blog is to make sure you are using some creative headlines. This is the best way to get people interested in reading blog posts. Take some time to really discover your readers needs before you create a blog post. What will interest them, and how can you properly promote your blog post? Social media can help you gauge interaction with your readers to find out what they are interested in, and how you can deliver the right message to them. Try different approaches on the social media accounts when promoting your blog. Using unique headlines with each site allows you to target your audience effectively, and you can find out which site is generating a lot of readers. It might even be effective to throw in a pop culture reference when you can.

Start by creating a comment network so you can build interest in your blog posts. You should interact with other blog owners, and leave comments on their posts. Large blogs with a mass appeal can give your blog posts a lot of visibility. You need to know where to comment and you need to make sure you are letting other blog owner’s you appreciate their help. People will reciprocate if you work on building relationships. Start with the blogs that are related to your industry.

Do you have a weekly or monthly newsletter that you send out? Always include your blog posts in the newsletters. This is a great way to gain some exposure for the blog posts, and it allows you to generate some backlinks. You can try selecting your top three blog posts to send out monthly, or select three for each weekly newsletter that goes out.

Share Your Post
While you want to share each post daily or weekly, you can also share an annual post with the customers. Highlight some of the blog posts that were popular over the year, and schedule them to be shared on social media accounts again. Even if you gain one new reader from sharing your posts multiple times, it can be worth it.  A new reader brings a whole new set of connections to the company, allowing you to generate interest with a new audience. Getting your blog posts a high level of visibility is one of the best ways to start generating some serious traffic. Use these tips to help you find some new readers, and start capitalizing on the potential earnings your blog can create.

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